Environmental quality and pressures assessment across Europe 

The Project EnvEurope takes origin from the LTER-Europe network, which is represented by more than 400 sites in Europe. The project contributes to the integration and coordination of long-term research on ecosystems and monitoring initiatives in Europe. The project is focused on understanding the current state of ecosystems and their evolution, and is characterized by an approach trans-ecodomini (terrestrial, freshwater and marine) on a large scale: it involves over 65 LTER sites in 11 countries. EnvEurope was conceived and planned to play a role both conceptual and operating in the SEIS context , promoted by the European Commission. The permanent network of sites in the long term, on which the project EnvEurope is based, will represent a valuable system for the in-situ validation of satellite data and also a support for the implementation of GMES program. EnvEurope is based, will provide ecological data and information on the status and long-term trends of terrestrial, freshwater and marineecosystems, at European level, on the basis of data collected in the field on a different scale. The project will thus contribute to bridge the gap between science and policy and to improve the scientific support to environmental policy and conservation plans in Europe.

Period of activity: 2011 - 2014

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