Satellite Broadband for European Regions

The European project, which involves 26 partners, aims to explore how satellite systems can help to reduce the digital gap in Europe, in order to define the guidelines for using and disseminating as best as possible the broadband and related necessary technologies. . The activities are divided into three phases: after a first analysis of the experiences of European regions that have already used a satellite system, information about technological opportunities and regulatory constraints about the European Digital Agenda 2013 will be shared. Finally, the objectives of short, medium and long term about  the use of this technology will be defined. Seven workshops on a quarterly basis in several places in Europe are planned, as well as a final conference for the promotion and dissemination of the project contents and themes.

FundsEuropean Union

Type:  VII Framework Programme

Period of activity: 2013 -2014

Responsible for CNR-IREA