Geothermal Atlas

Characterization, classification and mapping of geothermal conventional and non-conventional resources

The Geothermal Atlas aims to verify, locate and generate an updated atlas of geothermal resources usable for the production of geothermal energy in the Southern Regions through the use of methodologies already available and developing The project is one of the six projects in the South for innovation and development in Southern Italy coordinated by the National Research Council and funded by the Law of stability 2010.


The activity of IREA concerns the generation of deformation time series from SAR data sequences in the coastal areas of geothermal interest and the generation of maps on a regional and local scale of the surface thermal state variability, due to the geothermal potential, derived from data from optical satellite remote sensing with particular reference to thermal IR bands


Funds: MIUR

Prime contractor: CNR

Period of activity: 2011 - 2014

Responsible for CNR-IREA:

Mariarosaria Manzo

Staff involved: