High Technological Infrastructure for Integrated Monitoring of Climate and Environment

The project aims to perform interventions for the adaptation and strengthening of infrastructures in the regions of southern Italy in order to promote and develop facilities and equipments, such as integrated platforms, sensors, instrumentations, mobile stations for environmental detection, etc., useful for the monitoring of climate and environment in the Mediterranean region and in other sensitive areas of the planet. The IREA activities within the project are related to : 1) the strengthening of the processing and storage system of remotely sensed data to perform advanced analysis in various scenarios of environmental interest (monitoring of bio-geophysical parameters, mapping of deformation phenomena in coastal areas , study of marine currents), and 2) the strengthening of optical, optoelectronics and electromagnetic sensors, for monitoring parameters of climatic and environmental interest (temperature and albedo of surfaces, deformations, water content in the subsoil and in vegetation, determination of the stratigraphy and characterization of subsurface, characterization of particles suspended and dissolved in water).

Funds: MIUR, National Operative Programme (PON)

Prime contractor: CNR

Period of activity: 2012 - 2015

Responsible for CNR-IREA:

Mariarosaria Manzo

Staff involved: