MEdical Research in ITaly

Under Action MERIT, IREA is involved in the project Development of methods for extraction and integration of diagnostic information aimed at defining personalized therapeutic clinical pathways in diseases with high social impact, which will last three years (2011 - 2014). As part of this project, the specific task of IREA research unit will be to investigate the feasibility of a novel technique of diagnosis of breast cancer, complementary to those currently in use, able to provide a non-invasive diagnosis, reliable (reduction of false positive / negative) and efficient (reduction of examination and evaluation times). This technique is based on microwave imaging enhanced by magnetic nanoparticles as contrast agent.

Funds: MIUR 

Prime contractor: CNR - Institute of Biostructure and Bioimaging (IBB)

Period of activity: 2011 - 2014

Responsible for CNR-IREA:

Ovidio Mario Bucci

Staff involved:  

Lorenzo Crocco , Ilaria Catapano