CNR “Highlights” of research 2010-2011

Highlights2010 2011The latest edition of the CNR "Highlights" has been presented in Rome. The volume contains a selection of the most interesting scientific papers which appeared in international journals and present in the database of Web of Science, chosen by the Editorial Board of the National Research Council of Italy on the basis of ISI indices. Among the 220 chosen from the about 14,000 published in international journals over the period 2010-2011, there is one on the characterization of the adaptive response induced by radio-frequency published by the group of Bioelectromagnetics of IREA (Sannino et al., International Journal of Radiation Biology, 89, 2011). The article represents the continuation of the studies conducted at IREA, in collaboration with the University of Texas San Antonio, which showed for the first time that exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields are able to reduce the damage caused to DNA by genotoxic agents.

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