“Futuro Remoto” 2014

futuro remoto 2014Again this year IREA participates in "Futuro Remoto", one of the most important and well-established European events for dissemination of the scientific and technological culture.

The theme of this XXVIII edition, which includes as usual events, conferences, meetings with scientists, visits to scientific laboratories and museums, is "The Sea". IREA contributes to this great event of science and culture with a meeting with students on "Radar technology for monitoring the environment and the sea", to be held on November 7 at 10:00 am at the headquarters of the Institute in via Diocleziano 328, Napoli.

During the visit the students will learn about the operating principle of some unconventional radar systems, that is different from those commonly used for the management of air and sea traffic. In particular, they will be explained how to use a radar system to obtain information on the state of the sea, the surface currents and the seabed bathymetry. Moreover, they will be shown how the ground penetrating radar works, a radar system designed to locate objects in different mediums such as sand, cement, ground. In addition, students will be able to check how it is possible to obtain high-resolution images of the geometric characteristics of not directly visible objects using by themselves a holographic radar.