IREA protagonist of a Special Issue of the Journal IEEE “Signal Processing Magazine”

rsz coverThe prestigious IEEE Journal "Signal Processing Magazine" reserved a special issue on "Recent Advances in Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging" in July 2014. The special issue is dedicated to the most significant recent developments in the fields of SAR data processing techniques and applications.

Gianfranco Fornaro, IREA Senior Researcher, is one of the guest editors of this special issue together with three other prominent international experts in the field. The special issue articles provide a review of remote sensing methods for microwave SAR sensors, describe the application scenario, and include suggestions for future development lines. IREA is specifically involved in the issue of SAR tomography, in collaboration with the University of Pisa, for applications in complex scenarios such as the urban ones and infrastructures, and in collaboration with the Second University of Napoli, for SAR technics in unconventional scenarios, including subsurface and through-wall-imaging.

The special issue cover is dedicated to the results obtained by IREA, in collaboration with the German Space Agency (DLR), in the reconstruction of individual buildings through SAR tomography. The relevance of the technology proposed and developed at IREA is widely recognized by the scientific community and witnessed by several international awards.