ECOlogical observing system in the Adriatic Sea - ECOAdS

ECOSS cmyk

CNR-IREA is participating in the Interreg Italy-Croatia project “ECOSS - Ecological Observing System in the Adriatic Sea: oceanographic observations for biodiversity”. There are ten partner institutions from Italy and Croatia, collaborating under the leadership of the Italian National Research Council’s Institute of Marine Sciences (CNR-ISMAR) towards achieving the main goal of the project: the establishment of the ECOlogical observing system in the Adriatic Sea - ECOAdS.

The ECOAdS will be shared between Italy and Croatia, and is foreseen to integrate ecological and oceanographic research and monitoring with Natura 2000 conservation strategies. To achieve this goal, ECOSS will build upon existing facilities, infrastructure and long-term ecological data to create synergy between marine observation capacities and requirements for achieving and maintaining good conservation status of the marine component of the Natura 2000 sites in the Adriatic Sea.

The project started on 1st January 2019 and will be conducted over the following 30 months. During the project kick off meeting held from 12th to 14th March in Venice, participants discussed about the main project goals and next activities (meetings, workshops, case studies, educational material etc.) through specific working groups. The Italy-Croatia Programme will soon launch a website with more details on activities and options to get involved. The overall value of the project is 3.390.551,05 EUR, of which 85% is financed by the European Union through the CBC Programme Interreg Italy-Croatia.

Programme: INTERREG Italy-Croatia

Prime contractorIstituto per le Scienze Marine del CNR (CNR-ISMAR)

Duration: 01/01/2019 - 30/06/2021

IREA budget € 100.000

Contact person in IREA: Alessandro Oggioni


  1. National Research Council, Institute of Marine Sciences – CNR ISMAR  – Lead Partner (Venice and Bologna)
  2. National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics – OGS (Trieste)
  3. Regional Agency for Prevention, Environment and Energy in Emilia Romagna (Bologna)
  4. Institute of  Oceanography  and Fisheries (Split)
  5. Po Delta Veneto Regional Park (Rovigo)
  6. Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation (Lošinj)
  7. Public Institution for the Management of  Protected  Natural Areas of Dubrovnik Neretva County (Dubrovnik)
  8. Public Institution for the Management of Protected Areas in the County of Split and Dalmatia “Sea and Karst (Split)
  9. Shoreline (Trieste)
  10. Department Of Environmental Sciences, Informatics And Statistics, Ca Foscari University Of Venice (Venezia)