Public Communication of Science


COMMUNICATING for researchers means disseminating to a wide and heterogeneous public (such as media, students, teachers, stakeholders, administrators, citizens, etc.) the results of researches carried out or some aspects connected to their activities;

Communicating also means training, educating, teaching, introducing students to science.

Moreover the public communication of science is nowaday also aresearch topic which investigates some aspects of the relation between science and society, such as those related to the newparticipation models to the knowledge society.

IREA contributes to such a reasearch field carrying out investigations and research on the most relevant aspects of science education and communication in collaboration with IRPPS - CNR Science Communication and Education Group (responsible Adriana Valente).

Milano IREA responsible for this activity is Alba L'Astorina who contributes to the topic with following activities:

  • investigations on science communication models, with particular focus on the relation between experts and non experts;
  • experimentation of innovative models of science communication and education considering the change in science, society and in the science education;
  • promoting initiatives for the public debate on the way communication has changed within public research institutions and on the perspectives the change offers for enhancing the dialogue between science and society, in particular through the initiatives Researchers as communicators;
  • offering opportunities for stages and training on the topics of science communication.

You can contact Alba L'Astorina for further information on the activity, on publications on it and for applying for a stage on the topics.