EOMORES aims to develop new highly efficient commercial services for operational inland and coastal ecological water quality monitoring.
Inland and coastal water bodies constitute essential components of ecology and biodiversity, they buffer climate change and influence many aspects of economy (recreation, fisheries) and human welfare (e.g. drinking water supply).
EOMORES will develop fully-automated commercial, reliable and sustainable services based on the integration of Earth observation (Sentinel 1, 2 and 3), in situ monitoring using optical in situ sensors with integrated GNSS positioning, and ecological modeling. The validated data from these components will be flexibly combined into higher-level products to fit the users’ information needs. Three service concepts are envisaged: 1) operational water quality monitoring and forecasting for operational water management, 2) implementation of validated EO-based water quality indicators for WFD and other reporting and 3) historic compilation of data for specific ecological analysis.

Committente: European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme

Prime contractor: WATER INSIGHT

Periodo di attività2016 - 2019

Finanziamento IREA: € 240.125,00

Responsabili IREA: Claudia Giardino

Attività: Modellistica di estrazione di parametri bio-geofisici