Coral reefs are in decline worldwide and monitoring activities are important for assessing the impact of disturbance on reefs and tracking subsequent recovery or decline and Sentinel 2 data may be capable of a fundamentally superior level of habitat mapping. The Sen2Coral aims is to provide a set of modules implemented as open source software that provide a validated processing chain for coral reef remote sensing, including at a minimum 2 products: habitat mapping, a L2 product, and change detection (incl. bleaching), a L3 product. In addition, components of our solution will also estimate water column optical properties, and bathymetry either to be supplied as intermediary products or to be included in the habitat mapping product.The final project output should be two data processors, one for mapping (habitat, bathymetry, and water quality) and one for detection change, to be embedded in a software package, e.g. S2ToolBox, easily used by volunteers for coral reefs monitoring around the world (crowdsourcing). Study areas are: Heron Island and Lizard Island (Australia), Lampi Island (Myanmar), Primeiras and Segundas (Mozambique), Lighthouse and Ngedrak Reef (Palau) and Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands (French Polynesia)

Committente: ESA - SEOM S2-4Sci Land and Water - Study 6: Coral reefs

Prime contractor: ARGANS

Periodo di attività2016 - 2018

Finanziamento IREA: € 29.998,00

Responsabili IREA: Claudia Giardino

Attività: Modellistica di estrazione di parametri bio-geofisici