Hyperspectral Imaging Mission Concepts

The main objective of the study is to define the mission and technical requirements for future operational hyperspectral imaging systems.

The study will achieve this goal by meeting the following objectives:

• Take stock of all requirements obtained through intermediate/final release of outputs from the Commission User Requirements Study
• Analyse the gathered future observation needs for an operational hyperspectral mission over land and inland/coastal waters
• Assess the complementarity and synergy with already existing or planned missions including in particular the current Copernicus Sentinels
• Clearly identify the added value of a future hyperspectral mission compared to what exists already (e.g. the current sentinels).
• Identify a baseline scenario comprising a number of services and products supported by mature algorithms and related Algorithms Theoretical Baseline Definition, to size the system (space and ground segments)
• Assess options for a space and ground infrastructure that can fulfil the observation needs of the baseline scenario and identify needed technological developments if any.

Committente: ESA

Prime contractor: e-geos

Periodo di attività2016 - 2017

Finanziamento IREA: € 29.000,00

Responsabili IREA: Claudia Giardino

Attività: Modellistica di estrazione di parametri bio-geofisici